Un rapport récent et très éclairant vient d'être publié sur les usages des bibliothèques par les chercheurs aux US. Il montre, une nouvelle fois, l'extrême rapidité des changements et aussi des différences importantes et inquiétantes de perception entre chercheurs et bibliothécaires.

Researchers’ Use of Academic Libraries and their Services A report commissioned by the Research Information Network and the Consortium of Research Libraries, RIN & CURL April 2007.


Points principaux du chapitre sur les nouvelles offres :

  • Researchers and librarians agree that a key role for libraries in the future will be as custodians and managers of digital resources
  • Researchers and librarians agree that increased library input into planning and executing research is unlikely; and researchers do not expect a high level of library input into the issue of research dissemination
  • Librarians believe that providing expert advice and teaching on information literacy and management is a core role for libraries; while many researchers agree with them, there are challenges for libraries in securing significant take-up and penetration of their advice and expertise
  • There are some significant differences in researchers’ and librarians’ views of the future role of libraries in supporting research, and there is a need for dialogue between them to ensure that library services and expertise are developed and deployed in the most effective way
  • Collaboration and multi-institutional developments will continue to grow in areas including Virtual Research Environments, and libraries are likely to be involved in many such developments; but they will generate new demands in resourcing and skill sets, and new issues of co-operation and trust between institutions

Deux graphiques révélateurs sur la perception et l'usage du libre accès :

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